Income Streams

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An income stream just refers to any source of regular financial income in your life.Your job is one. Your future website could potentially be another. I’ve compiled several online based income opportunities and split them into 4 categories:

referral based opportunities

commission based opportunities

ad revenue opportunities

other opportunities






Referral Based Opportunities

refer a friendReferral based opportunities are the fastest and easiest way to start generating income. In the early stages of my career with internet marketing the very first dollar I made was from a referral based opportunity.

These opportunities are often very simplistic involving you simply promoting an affiliate link and generating traffic to it.

There are multiple ways to go about promoting these types of opportunities but I recommend utilizing a marketing system that provides your leads with a fully automated sales pitch. I’ve listed some of my own marketing systems in the referral based opportunities section.

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Commission Based Opportunities

commission opportunities

Commission based opportunities consist of you promoting a companies product or service, converting leads into sales and earning a percentage or flat fee for driving a sale to them.

A popular example of this would be Let’s say you created a website in which you write reviews about movies. On each review you write, you could place an Amazon advertisement offering your visitors an opportunity to purchase that specific movie from Amazon. If the visitor clicks the ad and makes a purchase then you would earn a commission from the sale!

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Advertising Revenue Opportunities

ad revenue opportunities

Most ad revenue opportunities are what we refer to as PPC (pay per click). Generally, you’d place ads on your website and earn a small amount of money each time an ad is clicked. This is also done on YouTube in the form of commercial video advertisements.

Ad revenue is a form of passive income which means that money is earned with little to no work done on your part. That’s not to say that achieving success with passive income streams is an easy task. It takes hard work and dedication to develop your brand and generate consistent traffic.

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Other Opportunities

freelance work

There are several other options for you to make money online aside from the previous methods. Freelance work is very common and often sought after by individuals and companies alike. If you have a certain expertise that you feel could be useful for others to utilize then you should offer your services for a fee.

You can utilize your own website to showcase your services and also offer them on popular websites like and

There are other methods as well such as paid surveys, incentivized sites and more.

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It’s important to understand that you shouldn’t only be in this for the money. You should be passionate about your business and have a strong interest in whatever it is you’re doing. The people who are only in it to make a quick buck will quickly realize that it’s not as easy as they thought it’d be.
Achieve success through determination and consistent efforts to develop yourself and provide leadership and assistance to other people. You need to provide some form of value to your teams or your audience.
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